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Thursday, July 30, 2009
born this way @ 6:26 PM


" If somethings dont happen in a day , they happen within in a week. "

" I dropped my laptop , was very early for school. I kissed my boyfriend and had pancakes for lunch. "

Just saw some fantastic pictures on L___B___. Wanted to post them up but am pretty lazy you see. :))
Some random stuffs :

Im hungry.
I want to sleep over at carmen's.
I Miss michelle.
I have the urge to see matthais and kamal wearing tie dyed Tees.
I want to finish my projects.
I want to relax back with my cousin.
I want to dance with Xin like theres no tomorrow.
&& I want my boyfriend here to be with me.

Back to here , a couple things i really have to get but am really broke. Sometimes i wonder should i work again ? hmms....

Alrights just a quick / fast / random post. :)) i have to get back to my J.Grasp. Before teacher takes a chopper and runs after me. :)))

See ya people! :))

Loves suie ; lost in her dreams.

P.s : define happiness.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.