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Friday, July 24, 2009
The scar in thy heart @ 10:02 AM

Its been long since i last blog , partly due to my hectic schedules / assignments and partly due to blogger's fault.
Have been owing many pictures as well , i shall select some then :

Some pictures from NUS trip :

Kenneth and Dwayne

Me and swee leng , a girl whom i think looks a lot like moi

Me and Kenneth ( us being spontaneous )

Pretty girls. :)

First class picture :)

My room mates during astronomy outreach camp . :)

Anyway , all those random-ness aside , i shall talk about the recent(s).

Been hearing a lot From E.
Some things that i haven been really expecting or even bother to think / care about. It really sets me pondering in a way i used to not when i was more..... naive ? not really appropriate to use in this sense but close to.
I have been there , done it , and somehow got over it.
Well , in that case i wouldn't be that dumb to hurt myself or to endure the process wont i ? Or humans are just as stoopid to get themselves into the same deep sh!t over and over again . Just as students preparing for their exams that is lie less than a week away , or people just fall in love and get into relationships despite having been thru' many heartbreaks over and over again.
Pretty dumb eh ? But life's like this. Humans are roots of their own problems.
Go figure. :)
On the other hand , I have been getting hurt ( mentally , emotionally and physically ) . On a certain sense it might be a good thing , except for the "physically" part, im not a psycho. :)
And and i dont cut myself. I think its pretty dumb to do that.
School's getting boring with all the assignments and stuffs.
To add on i dont even feel like talking to people nowadays. Perhaps due to my throat ? i just feel so tired speaking.
Something tells me that i just need some time alone.
Something tells me im not on the right track.
Something tells me its time for a change.
I hope that E will be fine.
I hope that F will stop her actions.
And i hope for the best for DC .
* followed mich ; To mich : heh , B shall be A and A shall be B. :)))
I gotta go , full train / gym tomorrow . Its either i fall / survive :))
P.S : At times i wonder , are we meant to be ? but anyway , i wont give in or give up and i will be there even til the world comes to an end.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.