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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
presence so sweet @ 7:15 AM

UHS. Blogger is being naughty again!
Blogger dont want me to post pictures once more. :(

Anyway , finally got a free day to blog again. { Suppose to be on a call but guess he's asleep }.
Past few days has been interesting.
Sunday : Went a for a lovely beach trip with my prettttttttttty MICHELLE. :)
Heading for a quick swim with hamtaro before that. :)
Was a totally awesome day with michelle , like always. { Its great to have her around} .
Laughters + Gossips + retarded actions + watching hot people + taking awesome pictures + many etcs.
I swear mich is my best camera buddy. :) { You will be bored to death if you are to accompany me to take pictures }. :)) teehee.

Next ! Sat : was the most unfruitful yet fruitful day. :)
oh well , i shan't elaborate 'cause its a secret! .

I forgot what happen on monday so let's skip to tuesday!!! ;)
Tuesday ate Super loads. Met with carmen , best bestie! :) sweetness.
Ans had a sudden unplanned sleepover at my house with my best sleepover buddy! :) XIN XIN :) WEE. well , sleepovers with the same person is boring . But if its XIN XIn. ITS as EXCITED / thrilling / interesting .etc EVER! WE chatted til' four in the morning, and i had to force myself to sleep.
i think i have sucha an awesome clique!! TEEHEE. :) :)

Anyway , i have to talk to my boyfriend already so i shall stop here. :)

MUACKIES PEOPLE :) *tweeting*

:) love ya!

Signing off ; suie!
p.s : pictures shall be posted next time ! :)


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