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Friday, August 28, 2009
talk about love @ 3:59 AM

Well well , Blogger doesnt want me to share pictures i suppose. Its formatted to be so weird.
I finally got my BIBLE! :) *Smiles like crazy* Though i didnt get to see Boyfriend , but i do hope he's feeling better already. :)

Was quite disappointed that i didnt get my catalogue or juice at town , to add up i finally got the bible at simei after much searches. Wasted my time like totally.
Decided to also spend my holidays relaxing doing things that i prolly couldnt do all along , because of many many things. :) Though i know that not working = no income = penniless suie. Thus , its thrifty holidays this time. { Still , i hope that mummy will bring us to some country to shop /sight seeing or something }.

Alright , i blog til here.
Chan suie have to keep up the good work to lose weight. AHH!

Loves suie , :)
P.s: i miss my boyfriend. :)


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