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Sunday, August 23, 2009
Extreme-nist ? @ 11:25 PM

Arghs. Talking about being bored.
When i thought working today was bad enough , not having to work might be... *******!
Well anyway , yesterday went to a library book fair with MICH. We "Harvested" forty magazines and ten random books. :) *awesome buys* { Boyfriend claims i will never be able to finish reading them all } But well , i can flip thru' them all. :) Head off to have lunch with Boyfriend and Menns. :) Random chattings set me thinking again. Well ... prolly im too unoccupied . Thats why. :)
Night falls , and its time for a sleepover! :) had fun "watching" clips of korean boybands. weixin totally got me into it. Though i was tad too tired for it and i had an eye to nurse. Pretty sad. But well there are chances to come next time. ;)

NOW about today , its totally random. I just got to know few of my aunts and cousins flew over. Good or bad ? *Shrugs* Anyway , its going to be a shopping-craze with them again. { Talk about waterfalls. } :)

And there is like a couple { or rather a million and one things } things i have to get. :)

Rights , i might be heading to sentosa later ? like totally random . okay ciaos! :)

Signing off ;
love suie ___

P.S : If it on the other side , what would i be now ?


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.