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Monday, August 17, 2009
White elephants @ 8:12 AM


A fruitful sunday completed chapters of my Business stats and lunched at BBQ chicken with BOYFRIEND. The food there was passable ? { Gosh , i feel so mean. } :)
Had a lovely day with boyfriend. :) like awesome. :)

Today , maths exam. -.- Im friggin' sad that i actually missed out studying a very important chapter that stands like two questions out of the whole paper. [ consists of six questions ]. So I'm kinda like stuck. :( Hopefully an A :)))) im thinking of the best. :)

Waiting for my last paper to be down tomorrow and i will be a free lil' birdie!!! :) teehee , poor other friends , But all the best to you guys okay! :) jia yous~!!! :))

For the up(s) and Coming(s) :

Sentosa trip on wednesday : i hope there's many pictures to be taken ? :)
{ Though i know i will be lazy to post it. and well , lazy to send most too. HAHA }


Alrights , i have to get back to my notes and my boyfriend. :) awws , my hotxy boyfriend!

okay people , BYEEE! :)

Signing off ; love ~ SUIE.

P.S : Hmm , am not what i seem to be ?


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.