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Thursday, September 24, 2009
there's not a banquet that never ends. @ 5:28 AM

hey hey , IM BACKK. :)

Four days there was awesome as ever. :) and and bringing back a couple of pounds too.
Pictures shall stay in my memory. :)
{ Partly because im too lazy to blog/ upload all the pictures. }
Teehee. Anyway , i shall skip all the boring parts happening in malaysia. :)
Im super bored and super tired. { Though i can't wait for my camps and bangkok trip }
So im going start using boyfriend's money!!!!! :) teehee :))
Plus , he was super sweet wor. Despite that i ask him to not go skating with me. He accompanied me the whole day and also went to fetch me in the early morning. :))) awws.

A trip to malaysia made me think thru' a lot. And seriously affect me in ways that differ from anyone. :)
{ Gosh , emo-momo } :))

Alrights , i shall make a move then. Need to catch up with my mates already!!!byebye :)

Loves suie!! :)

P.s: sometimes i miss you , but like what she say , its all good memories. :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.