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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
When shadow is your best companion @ 8:41 PM

When shadow is your best companion, then you realise that something is wrong.

Haven been updating my blog as often. Prolly because im getting lazy and lazier. :)
HAHA , Oh well .:)
Some highlights of the moments:

Sunday had my very very first big dance performance. It was ballistic. :) And all the items were awesome it makes my want to take and learn everything. :)
especially , locking , reggae and belly dancing. :)
teehee :)

Next thing , on tuesday my wonderful jace and dwayne met up with me despite of their oh-so-hectic schedules to watch a movie with me. { how sweet uhs?! } Then headed for a haircut with my dearest michelle , which i chopped my hair length. i look funny and much neater now. :)

Yesterday: Dance left my arms aching. Like forever. Super lazy/ tired me , i actually manage to persuade my boyfriend to not jog with me today. Piggy me. :)

Hopes that today will be a wonderful day as im going to met up with my baobeiis :)
PLUS PLUS , boyfriend is with me now. *BLISS* :))

Byee people , i promise for more updates in coming! :)

Loves suie :)

P.s: when you find that something is different and missing like it was once there before. :)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.