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Thursday, October 01, 2009
You never know whats going to happen @ 7:09 AM

Oh what do you know ?
how ugly and painful can it be when someone you love so dearly turns his/her back on you.

I just realise i seriously need to catch up with most of my friends. Pictures are not in any particular order.

Lunched with my darlings , { Mich and mens } but weixin didn't make it. sadly.
Lunch was at Raffles city's Din Tai Fung. Not really liking the ambiance , but the food was not bad. Should try the noodles , not factory made { OR at least is doesn't taste like one } :)

Afterwards randomly chilled at Starbucks && chatted as usual. I believe we are so close to each other that we are running out things to talk. Seriously. :)

But i really love them!!! My darlings are wonderful , which i'm missing charris!!!!!!
Headed to dance class at five , carmen claims its too early. :) Suppose to celebrate my dads birthday , but on a second thought , nevermind.

Late dinner = putting on weight. Terrible. Ahhs.
Talking about this , i totally hate some people around me. { Well not exactly that i have been seeing them } .
Putting up an act , doing things that are so not themselves && whats worst , copying the people around you. Gosh . For goodness sake.

Yada yada. Im tad too noisy here.

I shouldn't even bother with people and their blogs that are soooooo not worth my time and energy. Gahhs.
I certainly have better things to do. And yes i do have. Its a matter of whether i'm bored of it or not.

Gosh! i forgot to upload and send pictures!!! eek! :)

watching project runway with my sister. I thought it was sucky like a few episode back { sissy thinks so too } , but but its was nice for todays episode. I love the California surfing - avanchalanche { not sure of the spelling } styles. HUGS! :)

IM so loving dance , i feel the passion flaming stronger.
I swear im so not going to assume and/or judge like i use to sometimes.
Logging off blogger: Loves mucha SUIE . :)

P.s: I feel so mean , but i didnt blog it out. :) Your so damn lucky female doggie. :)


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