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Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Enamour @ 11:23 PM

The title seems weird , but its what came into my mind first.

Just got back not long from xueling's house. Pottie ordered pizza and bought pies over. Thankful to him for sending me back home. :) I finally submitted my art. Though its really not what i wanted to draw but well i drew couple on bed and submitted. { Not that im not serious about it , but i doubt i could win. }

Next , School's starting for pottie. So most days of his last holiday week will be mine!! :)
A large chunk of happenings within five days have been missing. As i didnt blog as usual now. :) { I know i promised }.

Next ;
I realised i have been cooping myself for too long in my own world. I see people actually grown , they have problems which they showed too easily all of a sudden , looking for a deep hole to suck all of it in, and hopefully themselves too.

I feel .. weird all of a sudden. Im thinking where was i when all this happen. Hopefully , they know i am still there for them. My friends , dont feel awkward or afraid. You know suie 's still here , waiting for you to come and be embraced. :)

{ Sudden message to all , as i blog-hopped }

Anyway , enough of the momo. :)
I hope to make full use of my holidays. All the best to all my mates out there. CHEERS!

signing off ; suie

P.s : if i could , i would

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.