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Monday, September 28, 2009
peace @ 7:30 AM

I couldnt find my camera. Wonder where it went again. *Sheesh*.
Suddenly remembered that i have tons of magazines and books left untouched in my room and i still went to buy like six books and a magazine with michelle. zomg.

Anyway , today went out with my ling ling. :) haha. { like bell } HAHA.
Missed her. Its like a century since i met her. Gosh.
{ Felt bad leaving her alone. } Gahhs. Went roaming with her at bugis , with neo(s) taken and "Fame " caught. Scenes should be longer though. :) Love the dance and singers , much better than "High school musical" in our opinions. :) teehee , her taste in movies isnt as bad as what others said. :)

Went for dance , didnt died like how i use too. :) :)
Had bad attack of headaches and adominal pains. tsk tsk!

Happily enjoying my mooncakes now . And chatting with my boyfriend but he keeps wanting to hang up.


Signing off ;

p.s; here and forever.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.