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Saturday, October 24, 2009
Something you call moderation but i deemed more than the meter @ 6:55 AM

Right , it seems like i haven been blogging with pictures. Like , i'm super lazy.
A lil' summarize about today.
- Frisbee game along with gallons of water , half a pack chicken rice and strong sun.
- Eighteenth chef with mich , jasmine green milk tea , random chats and mini errands.

More about today , I actually caught someone vomiting in the toilet. Talk about being bulimic , i will never do it . especially when i saw the look on the girl after that. Disgusted . -.- I forgot to bitch about it with michelle. Like totally.
But then again , the girl was really skinny , and i bet she's anorexic. Cause , she's one of the players. -.-
so should i ? or should i not ? :)

Schedule have been pretty much hectic again , due to unexpected things that falls in. Which i totally hate it. I seriously need time for my studies , i'm so gonna make sure i get my GPA of 3.8. Else i'm going to threaten the teacher in giving it to me. { Just kidding } :) *smiles*

On a personal note : i have been getting worst in remembering people's birthdays. Gosh.

Yet another thing , i'm even tanner now. Like , a basketball player. :)

HAHA , totally have to get taller , which michelle deems its really hard for me now. :(
Well you never know , maybe one day suie will be like 1.65Metres tall. :) ooooooh. :)

Haha , enough about my days , I'm in need of a shower now . Yepp. I'm stinking my own room . So long people. Will blog like soon. :)

Loves suie. :)

p.s : i just realise i can't be me , even though i thought i should.


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