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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
When no one's there. @ 6:00 PM

Once a time you feel so caught up.
{I shouldn't whine up here. }
Yesterday went to see the DOC. {i realise the programming teacher is staring at me}
Gosh , i realise i didnt bring my pencil case. How dumb. :X
Afterwards was cassandra's pre-brithday celebration , half of the group didn't eat.
But anyway , the food isn't that awesome.
More picture taking (i'm without my camera) , and back home with cassandra.
Small catch up && leaving it for Thursday , excited. :)
I am sooo determined to be the good girl.
I am sooooo not going to be ______________________________________________.
It's going to be hard. But i am going to do it. I am determined. Just like how i WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. :)
Yes , i want , and i am going to do it. {PROPERLY}
Today 's going to be long fulfilled day , with dance and all {though i am sickk} . If only there is someone there at the end of the day , waiting for you , needless for you to say anything.
Thats' blissed.
Someone to hold , someone that cares even the simplest word you say , someone that feels the way you do by putting himself / herself in your shoes. That is gut.
Signing off ;
LOVES suie. :) adios. :)
Ps. I feel so sentimental at times, but then again i am one real-time bitch of reality. sounds contradicting uh ?

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