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Sunday, November 08, 2009
She isn't just the person i'm going to soend the rest of my life with , she's the reason i have one @ 7:08 PM

"Some times you just wish that you can do something wrong and turn back , but when you knew you did it , you've done it but never could you ever turn back again. "

-- Because it will never be the same.

ahh , those lines above sets one in thinking isn't it ? But then again who actually bothers to read it all , and actually think about it. Ahh , the profundity of knowledge. Whatever.

Anyway , i'm in school {like, duh} . Having dance today , i am mentally welcoming it but physically rejecting it . But then again i can't miss it , 'cause i have to be at Yang's concert on tuesday ? {Not that i don't wanna go, just a remark}

It seems so different from the other side.

Working over the weekends have been a killer , having to adapt back to working lifestyle kills too. I'm feeling so over , such as like when you get a hangover at some a place where you don't even know or realise what you have just did over the night. :) -movie!-

I actually caught astroBoy. It seems like we are all stereo typist. But nevertheless the movie was enjoyable , it was as "remarkable" as "love happens" and/or "The sister's keeper."

{Note : i am certainly not exaggerating.}

Super glad that i was able to see my boyfriend after a long period ? I am terribly missing some of my girls too , which i know and hopefully does , that i am meeting them real soon. Christmas anyone ? i am sorta free , else i will be with my boyfriend down at somewhere .

Sounds real interesting isn't it ?

Alright , have to get off before i start ranting on how Messenger and case studies have been getting on my nerves. :)

See ya , ADIOS. :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.