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Monday, November 02, 2009
Thinking of - revenge is sweet - @ 9:06 PM

"Something tells me that its not what it seems like , but then again its right before you. So what or who do you believe then ?" - suie / kiki

Anyway , have been wanting to blog for quite awhile , but yet i could not find the time to.
Shall start from last Saturday ?

Had a mini Amazing race around Singapore. Pretty tough - okay - very tough. We are not given any moo-ney , Any concession cards , any technology. :(
Had to hitch a ride around , and to my surprise some gave us .
But there were still typical Singaporeans. And they really prove themselves to be. Nosy & _____.

Dropped 2kg straight , despite having to eat so much and constantly. -.-
The after effects are making me aching and gain more weight. Pretty upset about it.
Some irritating stuffs that i 'm pissed at :

- i really hate people that are unreasonable , especially those that actually matters to you.

- People that really have big plans last minute. { i totally understand if you want to lunch like this instant , but not that. }

- people who dont understand that , we have our own programmes too.

Ahh , all the stoopid things aside , { i find myself foolish blogging all that. }
School's have been pretty boring , been listening but not absorbing.
Terrible experience at the studio yesterday. Pretty shocking.
&& Have to get and do a lot of stuffs. I wonder how am i going to complete it. Damn.

Gosh . I totally am cooped up. Screwed. I don't understand anything or anyone. I feel redundant. And i dont even want to know why , and to bother to understand any.

Signing off ;

suie , with lotsa hearts and tears. KIKI.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.