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Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Give me kisses and i will repay your / my love @ 9:04 AM

hmm , guess life's like this. The more you want to do it , it backfires on you.
Sometime , some day , you feel like giving up .
Most do , most will and most can.
But i can't, else it wouldn't be me.

I realise i'm sucha coward , i blog in riddles , revolving , beating around the bushes , where at times as i read back , i need to take time to digest what i've been through that moment.

But i guess, thats the only way to make it interesting huh ?
Sounds fun to me. { at least }

Guess again , life's full of surprises. Mine's one.
Though knowing that after tonight i will be a fat pig , but it doesn't count. { Like if i wake up the next morning and found out i get to stay in a hot babe's figure , i'd say why not. }

:)) Alright , im just being random here. :)
I shall continue with my school stuffs. :)
I got a new nick from my finance teacher , well apparently he thinks i look like samantha.
Perhaps its my red hair. :)
And a not to kishhy , i had my hair brown already. TOO BAD. :)

Next , been eating and slacking so much that i keep putting on weight
i feel the fats yo. Especially , today. OMG mans. -.-

sigh. Guess i shouldn't blog more about all this saddening stuffs man. I'm really sad. -.-

okay , ciaos!
SUIe aka KIKi :))

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