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Saturday, January 09, 2010
Do you remember pollus and castor @ 8:08 AM

You know, sometimes you just feel like there isn't anyone you can relate to and you just hope that someone would listen and bother to care when they are there hearing you out. Yet even if there is one, you just feel to tired to try to explain and well , it might not even be related to the listener hence you don't even bother to tell.

These days have been a major turnover for me.
I have been sleeping lesser.
I have been changing.
I failed more then one module's paper.
And i actually actually could not handle the hectic life and stress i am in now.

But i manage to get it done in the end. I suppose.
Seriously, i think that turning 18th might be the biggest turning point of your life. Some people might feel it, some not, and some fake it and thus not realize the real changes that has been done to them.

Next, three days of open house, three days of FlashMob, One day of flyer giving.
Been eating like a pig, slogging like a bull and well resting like a .... (Some thing that sleeps the least). I really think i should work as a flyer-giver. :) And earn some extra bucks. :)

I seriously need loads of cash, and i seriously need a life.
And, I have to learn to say "NO".
And and, I have to learn not to be so self/People conscious.

I feel so tired, i don't want to carry on.
leaving ; suie

p.s ; maybe some day my soul-mate will come by.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.