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Sunday, November 29, 2009
Seafood anyone ? :) @ 6:54 PM

Now that i realize maybe the Co-blog thing wasn't so bad. { so i am not marking my words this time. :) }

Anyway , Chop-chop about my school stuffs. :)
School's back again , after the three - four days break. Kinda boring but thought it would be great if it were longer. :) I kinda forgot what i did on Thursday .
A failed swimming trip of Friday , because these days the skies are kinda crazy / temperamental. Prolly having "THE" days. :) but i still loved it. :)
Caught the "Spotlight boogie" Happening at Heeren , meet old dance mates and some school ones. :) Pretty awesome show , thought of joining back to studio after my exams. And yeah , exams is in around two weeks ? scary! *shrugs*

Irritation + enjoyment + voiceless = My Saturday. Not that i am hating it , but cassandra just makes it better. :) Sunday was church as mention ; Swam for around two - three hours , caught new moon && irritation again with a sleepy trip down night safari and bedok 85. The food was great , just that the after effects - not that good - :)

Oooh. So that sums up my four days or so. :) lovely.
Arghs. Having a talk at five later. I still planned to go for an early warm up. *grrs*
oh well , having a tummy upset now. {i Guess ? }

- something random : i randomly took a stack of foolscap this morning , and on the first page i saw something sooooooo cute. :) love it. The smile of the day. :)

Alrights , gotta go already. I don't want to lagg behind. :)

toodles :)

P.s ; I really love you , i really do. We're the seafood couples! oh no.

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