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Tuesday, December 29, 2009
When the one who actually listens was someone so distant @ 6:55 AM

Ahh , so i haven been blogging. And well , am now out of boredom.
Seriously, i have so much to do and to learn yet i am not choosing to do and well, to do something else. Such as snacking, reading books and blogging.
I think i must be nuts or having some kind of disorder. And i think mich and boyfriend would prolly agree to this.
Recently hooked onto "forget about it", a book of course, by Caprice Crane. Well, guess i am into love novels/ stories and such. Anyway, i quoted that perhaps having amnesia at one point of your life makes it all worth isn't it ? Looking at people where you have been so accustomed to, or have already prefixed a kind of mindset like; "i know she will do this, react this way, or she has always been like this" , or somehow similar. :)
Make sense ? and well, some things might just be the ones that you awfully wanted it to be knocked away and in this case, erased off. :) Just like pencil drawings met erasers! :)
Wee! But sadly, it doesn't at times. :(
BOO. Was really getting excited about Dance , and well , i still have so much to buck up man. Gahhs. :( But i will try my best, though i hurt my knee pretty bad. :(
And and, getting my stamina backk! *screams*
Wee, but first i shall complete my tough and hectic weeks ahead before settling down to revise all my school work for the semester and well score a GPA of acceptance and enjoy my holidays.
{ Sadly, i'd most prolly ending up holding or looking for a job }
I need money for almost everything. Thank Goodness, GOD, family, friends and Boyfriend don't require money to come by. :) At least. :)
*yawns* I better get back to my report soon , else i will get chopped up by my group-mates and boyfriend! *ROARs*
Bye people!
P.s: When all i need was assurance. :)

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