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Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Remember the times @ 6:37 AM

Wonderful , just finished my scrumptious supper.
I guess i have to jog off the kilos then.:(

Anyway , a fruitful day plus morrow.
Swam and met up Mich for lunch. Slacked over my house and headed for dance.
Tomorrow's going to be a start of happening for me again. Wonderful .
Hectic Hectic Hectic. And i haven even get to touch , start or see my project. Woah , best of prioritize. :))))

Oh well , talking about all these, Christmas exchanges is uppp! WEEEEEEEEE. i like pressies and surprises. :) i wonder why. :)

Tempted by papers again , me and Mich went to track our favourite paper packs. :)
And well , don't deprive us of our copyrights! There's a limit to what you can follow. :)

anyway , just a short update before tomorrow ends. Cause i know i will be to shag out to blog anything. Peace out. To the EVE OF CHRISTMAS EVE. :)

Loves; suie

p.s: when sometimes you just can't forget.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.