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Sunday, December 06, 2009
Real time bites @ 7:32 PM

I am suppose to be delighted and in high spirits after heading out to discovery centre with my boyfriend. But who knows technology proves itself to be quite useful in knowing what your friends have been up to without having to bother to text/call/meet them. Cool isn't it ?

I hate it , i seriously do. The purpose of you blogging up is to show us what your thinking and how you want us to do. I am seriously tired of trying to get you , trying to maintain all these relations. Can't you see ? If i am that unmovable as you claim , as heartless as you said , i believe you would not even bother to blog all those up , that is because you know that after reading i might inflict some guilt in me ? But what do you know ? WE are all here trying our best , but yet you blame it all on me ? We have gifts , cards , surprises for you , but what did you do to us ?! MIA ? Gone what MALAYSIA?! Yes , i am putting it upfront to your face. You have to know , and your our best-friend , truths are suppose to prick and hurt. You have hurt us deeply too. I bet you don't know , you don't even care. All you care is to self-pity yourself and to make it seems like your having an all time suffering bitchy life.

We loved you and we know everything might have been harsh on you ,and i know that perhaps i am the closest one to you. But do you know , this shoulder , this friend that have always been here for you have been so badly neglected ? Have been so badly trashed aside ?
You called , i called back. You texted i texted back , even IF you said your not free , i pushed all my appoinments to make time for you , and asked you out continuously for almost 2 weeks, sometimes without receiving any replies from you.
Do you know exactly how that feels ?! i know carmen does. And do note that , in this world there are people who are as busy as you are or even worse, i am trying to make a point that we need effort from both sides. You don't sleep ? Heck , you have been crying , that's why you don't sleep. Self-pitying that is. What i have been doing , is to let you know i am there for you , but do you even care ? you blamed i assume , you blamed i accuse , but did i ? DID i ?

I feel like a fool replying you , as if not giving you enough evidence to get back to me. I know karma bites back . But what can i do when i need to pull someone so close to me back?
If you do care , and you do read.
Please be free on the 22nd , or towards the end to count down of the year. BY THE WAY ; i sent you a text about this , but you didn't get back to me. AS ALWAYS.

P.s: I am really pissed , but i still love you. GOD SAVE ME.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.