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Sunday, January 17, 2010
Short termed. @ 7:54 PM

*screams* A hectic week gone, days seemed to be NORMAL, where the "NEW YEAR" effect dies down.

And well, it is going all red again, further and nearer away this season/year.
Had a bombastic time with boyfriend yesterday over at the WWW, was guiltily as charged for not heading to church, choosing to lay just a bit more / later on bed. I swear lazing in bed is the best thing ever, yet it is also the worst thing to do when your simply out of time. -.-

Maple, Totally kicked ass, both in good and bad. So is "American Pie"!
Spend the day, while technically three quarts of the day doing stuff that is totally out of entertainment and leisure. Kinda think of it, i might as well finish everything in that day and take a breather for this whole week. Oh!

NEXT ! I am so going to go for dance like five days of the week, and i need to complete my assignment within ten days so i will have the extra time to check and edit. Super freaked out and dying out from the tremendous tension and stress.

Quoted a principle somewhere, that everyone has many to complete, and many resolutions to do, but when one focus on only one to do, and complete/achieve it before proceeding to another, is the secret for success. (yet, it depends on what kind of success your looking at.) Arghs. Irritation.
SO. I am so going to finish my 18th change until i hit 19th. Boy, i dread 19th.

Okay, just completed my tutorials, friggin' long!
Alright, hanging up here. Just for the whine. :)

Loves suie;
p.s: i need my lunch.
p/p.s : i am remembering you stating the fact that i stayed for the sake of the 'Laid' part, but maybe i am not.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.