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Friday, January 22, 2010
let me promise you twilight. @ 4:15 AM

Song that i am currently on ; right here and vanilla twilight. :)

School was mundane today, and by the way, as the clocks reads 8:16pm, i am still in school.

Basically, did my work , ate and met michelle for movie.
"Toothfairy", though we had discussion on changing it, fairly a enjoyable movie. Sweet, funny and light fantasy. :)

Pretty boring isn't it ?
Had some pictures in my phone, going to post all at once when i am free.
And there is certain stuffs on my list that i have to get this year, or at least in the near future. :)

- Camera
- speakers
- Mouse
- Shoes (for dance)
- err, i can't remember much for now, but thats almost there.

But anyway, going to be pretty busy rushing my projects/assignments, handing them on time and of course study for the up and coming tests. -.-
oh boy, how interesting can you picture all these. -.-

erhem. Let me get off first now. i just don't have the... point to blog. :)

excused.. SUIE.

In the afternoon ;
"I tried the morphThing yesterday, thought it was fun and at enjoyed it, but then i recalledi once or twice encountered it before, brushing it off thinking it was retarded or foolish to do, who knows, i end up being the dumb one. Maybe because i didn't want to lose it, something that i may when i grow older and mature. And by then the small jokes, the smiles and laughters will be gone. That's when you fail to realize you used to laugh at the thinks you now think isn't humorous at all."


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.