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Saturday, February 06, 2010
When things get by. @ 8:27 PM

Quoted: "Her legs are basically toothpicks, she's skinner than even some of the editorial models out there. It wouldn't be so freaky if she was naturally like that but obviously she's been working really hard on being a skeleton. Talk about supporting the plummeting self-esteems of girls worldwide."

Basically, obviously i am not quoted this to be the subject of ridicule. Its for some no-brainers of the world to realize.

Before my next post where i will spam much pictures, i'd announce some random stuffs.

- I missed the Air-Show. Gotta ask mich about details.
- I missed last session of dance.
- I had a wonderful time yesterday with siewmin's celebration.
- Cassandra Seto and Jasmine Ler are the awesome musketeers of mine.
- I lost my phone and got it back withing two days.
- I miss kamal so much i actually see him. :)
- I realize my life isn't all that bad.
- Health is something i have to work hard to get this year.
- I am going weekly vegan next month counting.
- I am highly stressed and agitated.
- My red blood counts are getting lower.
- I have been putting weight, but i know i am going to lose them all.
- Pineapple tarts are something that is extremely hard to resist.
- Soon after new year, i am going to be down with sore-throat, flu and irritation.
- I need time for all my ships, friendship - kinship - && RELATIONSHIP.
- I have to be closer to GOD.

That pretty sums up all, and i guess, my birthday this year is going to be interesting and all.


Sweet thoughts.

- after three minutes:
"It was weird. It was like heavens gave me another chance for me and you. You tried between us, and i was... i was.... I am terribly sorry. Perhaps afterwards, you felt that we have lost it. You tired again, on the train. It seemed like... I was about to get it again. But i didn't, i misunderstood again. I thought you misunderstood me, but it was tad too late when i realize you didn't and actually you knew me as much as before, even after so long of not meeting, after so long of not being together. I felt that love you have for me once again. I totally miserably FAILED. But i still love you, i want to have another chance with you, and if i get to see you again, i will never be the same, i will try my utmost best to be, and i want to be, to be that mate with you again. "

is there another chance again?

Love, suie.

P.s: somehow, i think i left somethings out of the post but i just can't remember. :)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.