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Saturday, February 20, 2010
When it was hard to be me. @ 7:43 AM

I had a very random random day today.
Went over to Mich house with Hammie. Met Menny on the way, followed by Winnie and Xling.
Did house visiting at Michelle's house. Her mother was friendly as usual. :) Waited for Huiting to start the hotpot, she lost her way though.

Stuffed till the brim man! Michelle's house is a food palace during Chinese New Year! Weee~ so now you know where to go to when its' new year time.

Anyway, Stayed till 10pm ++, while the others left early. :) Was monopoly-ing with her sister and cousin. All of them super cute. And random flipping Mich's magazine and chatting was how i spent the whole day there. Freaking nice. I swear her place is my refuge spot! :x LOL.

okay. The purpose of this post. I want to be the good girl. The goody two shoes.
I realized my karma is biting back on me. Just like.. how i failed to realize there is never any secrets kept in this world. I mean - reality - .
I know, it seems kinda contradicting that i am putting something so upfront and blunt that somehow doesn't flow with my fantasy kinda thing.

Three times... Three ****ing times. I burned my diary today. Nothing personal. Nothing Rash. I swear i am never the rash kind of person. Ask my mates. Or maybe, ask those who knew me well enough.
At times we thought we knew each other, but in fact we do not actually know them, we misunderstood them. That's the horrible truth.

And to fulfill that, i have to love the people i hate.
I have to stop criticizing, procrastinating && scrutinize.
And i have to double up the amount of tolerant, care, concern and much of love i can give to those that i love.
Forgive me if i do not do it well, forgive me if it is not enough. For i will try my best and am doing it so.

Baby, i love and hate you so much. I am going to be so honest, that all of you gonna freak out. :)

Loves: suie.

P/s : in the end it was hard to be your true self isn't it ? We shall see.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.