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Friday, December 09, 2011

Hey! (:
I'm Not sure if i have that a much readers.
Recently im posting over @ www.dreamsofglitteredsnow.blogspot.com.
Not going to change to a static skin here, 'cause for some reasons, maybe you guys need the links/the archives to read.


Friday, November 18, 2011
My love for; @ 10:43 PM

Who would have known.

Saturday, November 05, 2011
Because i am not in the right mind now. @ 12:47 PM

Yes. There are probably a million things that i thought i should do / i told myself i'd do yet i haven.
Yes. I am guilty as charged.
No. I don't even find the need to explain because i don't ever thought it that way. Ever. (Alright this sentence prolly sounded confusing.)
I am feeling really bad right now. Because i haven been there for the people i ought to be. Then again, i was never part of it. Like the whole thing. Even though there are people, whom were of my concern perhaps gave me a second chance, which was this concert, yet i didn't took hold of it.
I might just have typed a lengthy post just to lament on the should have. No. Now on, i am going cherish and live moments the way i want to - Of course still praying to God. There might be mishaps, regrets, and God-Knows-What. I am not going to look back. The only reason that i might may, is to learn from the past, or prolly just to reminisce or reflect. You see, memories are the only thing that stays the same, and history are the best reference books that you can ever get access to. That's what i learnt.

Nah. I have received enough comments you know, from life from everyone else. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop here. At this point. When i grow older, i study/work/have a family/grow even older/before i die, there are going to be people/demons/devil-like coming my way and trying to get me down. Am i going to back up? Am i going to give up? These are like open-ended questions. You can either be submissive or you fight it.

My answer: I know that as long as we are with our lord, :) We will be fine. :) SO FIGHTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! 
Or maybe i will just simply ignore nonconstructive / negative comments and try to work with the opposite ones. ;) Yes my dear friends, fret not. I'm not going through the rebellious period now. I'm still the naggy cry baby who will ever so going to call/text/rant to you guys whenever i need listening ears/advice/presences from you guys. :) Or just because i miss you guys so. I have been taught to love which prolly is one of the things in my life that i wouldn't want to give it up. :)
The rising issue - I feel that some times we have been living in this world trying please people and fit into the skin of acceptance (of this world) too much obliviously. We don't realize it, we change because the world made us.
Then again, you guys could/can disagree with me. :)

Unforgiveness. (Got spelling error! LOL)

Some times its all about letting go. - Loves, suie.

P/s: I might never be able to track back, because the most expensive currency in this world waits for no one anyone know or ever knew. The only thing you can/could do when you realize what you have of this world, which is the currency that which i may have spoken before, is to spent and utilize it wisely.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011
If you had one dream, will you chase it despite all odds. @ 12:56 AM

When you think you are good, there's always some one better out there.

:) I am just glad that today God has been with me. And i know he always will for the rest of my life. :)

I miss you.

Monday, October 31, 2011
Just because; And i forgot what's more important. @ 12:30 AM

Hey.  I totally forgot, we use to sit by together wishing we could do things that kids do during festive(s) out there. You know. We can't dress up like faeries, neither can we layer up because Singapore's too hot. I forgot how important you are to me, and how the little things that should be important - i thought not. Because i was too occupied with anger and what else clouding my sight. I am sorry.
You might not think it's you i am apologizing to, but its you.

I have to give it up. It's a little too much for me to control or change. I can always surprise you, i can always listen to you and instead of showing how much i understand or care, i prefer to make you move on/ not thinking about it anymore/ laugh. Because sitting on it is not going to change it, and if you can't change/control it, let go. :) At least, You are doing it with me. :)
But i realize it doesn't satisfy you. What should i do? I am insensitive and so are you. Both of us. How?
Let go. Let go.

Ima fly to somewhere you never thought you knew, until you are ready and have come to join me.

Love, Suie.

Sunday, October 30, 2011
Precious Title. @ 8:30 AM

AH HAHA. :) There's a reason. Actually not just one but plentiful, and i am going to share it. Just not here. 
It's not bragging, not being proud, its just i am really happy and i want to share. 
Even so, guys don't have to worry about it. 'Cause i wouldn't start blabbering about it, if it doesn't interest you or concern you. 
I'll try :)
I will try to control myself a little, whether ... Okay, maybe not. haha. :) 
HAHA. :) OPPS. Well, what's life without living it to the fullest. Everyone can do with a smile, even from a stranger. :)
*As long as you don't seem mad-case* **Unless you're with your friends, you can be mad-case**

Yes, i have written priorities. :) Yeah. :) 
I am falling for !@#$%^&* in time to come. ;) 

Three things: Contentment, Trust, Acceptance.
Three feelings: Love, 23456789

Loves, suie. :) :)

p/s: http://markcharlesboots.com/blog


Thursday, October 27, 2011
Stare blank everyday. @ 1:56 AM

I am officially nuts. Like ever imagine suie sitting in front of the computer screen like every day for at least seven hours? That's like suie working in an office cubicle. That's like @#$%^&*.

Period. How am i suppose to concentrate when my eyes are tired already? :(
Many things like always, run through my mind. I cried.
Some times, all i wanted was for some one to listen, then again i didn't want to talk.

I need time, i need focus. I need myself to abide. I need to well management.

What am i doing.

Love suie.
P/s I know there are countable people there for me to love. Yet i am finding someone to love, isnt that plainly ironic?

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.