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Monday, October 17, 2011
And when nightfalls my mind revolved to write physically unwritten and unsent letters. @ 8:22 AM

haha, Yes. Been watching some movies (Past) on Funshion - Awesome.. :)
Recently, i can't stop thinking about what to do after i graduate. Should i work? Try to get into a local University no matter what course and all, just keep on applying? Fight for a chance to study overseas?  Apply for arts? or do a runaway with michelle to somewhere!!!!!!!!!!! *MUAHAHA*

Other than that, I have been out of sorts recently, All i can think about is trying to force myself to lose some weight/tone/slim down (Even though i guess i haven been really putting my mind into it) else it would be project and dance. Dance. I read something from my friend's status: "What do you do when you realize ur not as sure abt something u were so sure before?"
That's prolly the nearest thing to what i have about dance *and other stuff*. It's not that i am doubting my passion for dance, if so i would have stopped long ago like what Chelle says about the few of them. Dance has been such a huge part of my life that i didn't even realize! And now, if i were to choose what would i choose? Will i be able to bear with my decisions? Will it be the right choice? How about God's will, is it?

I am really glad for the ones that are still beside me, and recently people are constantly warning me about trust. Why? Trust is the most valuable thing i guess in the world between two people, if a person is willing to trust you so much no matter what you said or did, just to give you that last shot - isn't it the most precious thing that you could ever ask for? :)  - i personally think so, different people might have different opinion i guess.

Anyhow, mum's back and i really gotta rest. Been feeling lethargic. Arghs. FATTISH. 0.0

BYEEEE.   - suie.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.