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Thursday, September 15, 2011
September brews. @ 11:43 AM

Yeah. Heck no i am filling it with blues. Even blues are good news - smurfs.
Any chance of anyone understanding what i am writing some times? :)
I know, most of the time i rant about understanding, and like no one could ever truly understand some one. That's true. And for me, it was & is very true indeed. I am some one whom even though expressed so much of my love und desire towards some one, but the most delicate thing(s) of the person i can actually diminish it like that. The funny part was, i don't even know. Yes. Cliche - Until when it's gone.
True enough i say how much we have lost it. How much i missed it. And you actually gave me so much chances. But i lived for the moment - only. I took it and then i give it up.
I give up to easily at times, most of the time
and now you are giving it up too?

Will you give me another chance? I know how unfair it is, i promise that even though i don't know how, i'd make it up to you.
If you know my dear
Ask me out now
Ask me out
I will go meet you even how
rush it is going to be
i just want to say hi
to hold you
to see
that smile on your face
Why have you got to do this alone
I could have been there for you
I could have..
I wish we could always be the first ones
for each other.
- #1 speed dial

(even though i don't have your number now, i know you might think it could be a moment of sentimental thing for me. but it wouldn't be, cause my love and warmth for you surpass these words i conjured. I know you know. Please let not the warmth fade. Please. )

p.s: you and i weighed so heavily in each others' heart. Why let go?
you are my solution and i could be yours.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.