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Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Are we about to die or perish in the eyes of another. @ 12:38 AM

Okay. I need, a camera. Yes. A camera.
Hmm.. But i would rent/borrow it. I miss taking pictures randomly. Like how when the winds brush through my skin i would look up and see sunlight peeking through the green umbrellas. And everything else is like a dream. Smokey patches runs endlessly in the light blue stream, and i continue eyes ahead smiling away with my friends racing towards the sun we know that is setting when we get there.

Yeah. :)
Some time alone is a good thing. You get to think, get to do things somehow, however you want to.
Though really, its a perplex feelings because you could feel empty, lonely, lost yet its like pudding Gentleness.
Yup. I know i am going to not make any sense already. Teehee.

Dreaming of white chocolates.

Ice-cream and mint. :)

Borrowed a dozen of books (About there - totaled by three girls. )
Ahaha. I miss reading too. :) Magazine. Fashion. All the crazy sh!t i use to do.
Loves, Suie. :)

P/s: Who's running till the sun sets and kiss my goodnight till the dawn breaks.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.