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Thursday, August 25, 2011
Its just the way how we feel @ 11:44 PM

Some times i feel like i am living a lot of lives. The question is am i able to handle it.
The right kind of attitude, mindset and management. About it?

People often looked at me differently. And at times i do wonder if i were living up to their various expectations. Then i looked at those who walked with me down the yellow brick road. It was a happy ending right?
Some times i feel like Little alice. Some times a realistic model. And most of the time i am partially confused, about what am i doing right now.
Oh yes i know. Dancing, schooling, living my life as the daughter in my family, friends/besties/sisters/pals/buds/etc with people, and what else. But the thing is, what was the main goal in my life.

When i am lost, i write, i talk, i act out of sorts.
I impose other people, looking into their dreams, searching for something.

I am crazy. Crazy crazy crazy.

People often tell me so. People often laugh with me so.
And so, I tell myself. I shall stop thinking about it.
And let my Father decide. my heavenly father.

Yes. Hoping he will guide me so obviously. Which on my part i have to be sincere, praying, faith and doing something about it.

bye world.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.