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Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Been thinking. @ 8:38 AM

Baby. I have been thinking, Thinking about you. I have been missing, missing you.
I guess i have been suppressing, those unhappy things. I do not want to break down again. I do not want to be what i think i could be you know. And i feel maybe i should change.

Some times, some things are best left unsaid. And one day if i were to be alone, could i still survive?
The things some times i think about, i don't speak of. Nowadays, i speak of it, time to time and i feel that people don't really want to know.

Jaclyn If one day you see this, Tell me you love me hao ma? I really loved you. You are my best friend, from the very bottom of my heart. I remember so much more than what my memory could contain. I am so afraid that our story might just stop there. It shouldn't right. Still remember, how different you are to me, totally. The times after school. Cockroach war. Countless times your face turns epic because you are scared of pain. The swing and rain. The fun times during band, being late, camps and pumping. Me you jer and cheng, on the phone. all the heart to heart talks walking home. The times where you keep hurting yourself remember your eye incident? Then, we have all the gossips, laughters eating maggi mee. There's simply so much more. I am to cry, will you?
As we graduate, we cried, we hugged. WE promised till the very end. searched for work together, kim gary moments, shopping trips, gazing the stars and talking at night. :) i miss every thing. Every single thing.

Things change i guess. They do i guess.



P/s: i am confused, now.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.