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Monday, June 27, 2011
Green day - renewed. @ 10:03 AM

I accidentally deleted my previous green day post. OH MY.
So i have to retype it. SIGHS!
Im Thankful that it was an awesome one so at least i can still write! :) woots!

Dance Now Arena was awesome Sh!t. :) My first ever musical, and like everyone was good. :)
I'm missing and loving the stage, production and people there. Effing thrilling and awesome.

AND I CAN ONLY REMEMBER THIS VERBATIM. *(I think, gawd my memory is really -.-)
"OMG JUSTIN YOU ROCK! THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME HAPPY ON A SICK DAY." :) i can't thank you enough, and like only if you ever knew my blog you would know how grateful i am. Thank you for doing what you do, just so that both of us can be in the picture.

AH. The best recollection already. :) Also i really want to thank all the awesome fellow dancers, mates and friends who all entertained me, were really nice to me. THANK YOU! :)

Awesome Awesome! :) Really loved the production! Especially Choreographers and *in my item de!* :) GUYS I LOVE YOU! :)

:) i guess there was more but i deleted my post. OH MY!
And well, there was this part about my bestie. the best present i received yet, thank you. You know i loved you so much, it once turned to hate. Shall we last forever?
Really want Plastiqs to last like infinite ever.

Alright. I shall stop here, cause.
Awesome production.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.