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Friday, June 10, 2011
Set fire to the rain. @ 8:47 AM

Some times certain things don't have to make sense. Who could understand love, for love itself was never comprehend.

It will be worthed it. If i knew you were still reading. If i knew you were still blogging, blogging with true heart.
Hey. Do you still know im here. Or has my existence cease to appear. Darling, will you hear. Hear my cries and my pleas, and the things hid within. No more. nothing else.
To explain my ways, i rather blame it on you everyday, and i rather.
I used to pray, used to wish. That one day. I'd be. How i used to be. One day. Just another day. I thought that you might be missing me. But today like other day. I stood by watching you wondering, if you happen to be watching me too.
Just like another day.

Perhaps. Perhaps i should never had to recover. Why have i got to step out of my bubble just to get hurt. Just to get lost.

The wrongful step.
For every thousand and one.
You find only one.
You polished that one.
You gave it it's worth.
You laid it and gave it away. Just for others to treasure it until it grows old and yellow.
No longer mellow. Ruined. And now no one would see it's worth.
If only that fateful day. It stood well within. Kept and clammed.
Like the pearl in the clam.
How it always should be.
Before it was found and claimed.

I know how much this would contradict my propaganda
but maybe, just maybe we all are more comforted in our own clam.

Then.. you would need a clam first right?

I kept crying. I kept tearing. I just hoped one day i could keep bleeding. Not any where else. But vomiting blood. Until i run dry.

Maybe i do not mean it. But maybe i do.

I just wanted to know if you ever loved me. Because i opened my heart again, just to get hurt once more. People warned me. Why. Why do you have to do it to me. I haven even told you anything substantial of me.

I can't accept another lie no more. I need trust more than anything right now. This moment. I am foolish once more. Someone wake me out of this dream. Bring me away. Fly me out to pluto. I need no sunshine.

Love suie.
p/s: A set of bubbles - blaze my night.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.