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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Set on Rock n' Roll. @ 9:03 PM

I'm feeling a little down, perplex even.
And most importantly i'm tired, tired like fisherman casting nets into the sea. Just wanna ignore everything i see.
It's tiring to keep track of things, tired to take caution, strenuous to be considerate and tedious to do everything right.

It's like a black hole in the heart and mind, was dormant and now awake. Surging power from your holds. Waiting for everything to fold.

Second day of school despite today a thursday. Having E-learning for modules that were supposed to.
Ignoring deadlines whilst trying to be more efficient. How's mentos gonna win! :)
Rehearsals at USS was really tiring. Yet, i have much fun too. I thank my partner, and random people also the performers stage people for making the dreading re-runs so much better. :)
Thank you everyone!
It is the first time i am performing in a parade, really inexperience; I'm happy for the opportunity but felt so that it is really tough on us.
I now see and understand how the paraders actually feel.
Have been heading home really late due to the distance and rehearsal.
I'm addicted to movies, craves for coffee and nibbles on sweet.
:) Okay. I missing a whole lot of peeps also. OKAY I NEED THERAPY NOW. :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.