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Sunday, May 22, 2011
Controversies @ 4:09 AM

Tell me what's the point of me doing anyting at all. Its a dispute between brains and brawns. Sheesh.
Justin timberlake - i've been traveling on this road too long.
I want to find a way back to how it was.
Haha. I really have no longer an estimate or where to start nor stop.
I was born a crazy kid.
Since some point you have to decide which to think about first.

Its raining. And sometimes thats how you feel when silence over took the anguish of destruction. Afterwards you see the rainbow, which is the beauty that remains. These reminds me of my friend. She's one that has many reasons to ruin or blame things. She didn't. Looking at her you almost see she has not much grudges for things she has or not in life. And looking at her she's almost that naive, innocent and lovely. She's a smart girl, a girl who could have took lead with the devil but she didn't. She won the battle and she's that girl that gives the brightest smile from within, that cheerful girl whom will always hear you out when you need, give and share freely almost, and has happiness from within, one that she creates and mapped herself. I have much respect. Really. 'Cause in the same perspective, you wished this attitude dawns you.

i have to sleep.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.