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Sunday, April 24, 2011
What about love. @ 6:32 PM

1. Picture of the day, fav. too.
2. Hammie finally looked up to take a shot without saying: "hurhs why look up again, i cannot.."
3. Fav. Girl in class.

School starts, second week and the class's still the same. Really thought so that awkwardness would last more than a week but yeah, turns out putting off blogging works. Can't believe how much thought i put into it even though it don't really worth so much as much as i think about it in the end. Should i even comment much here?

What to do. Anyway, talking about my week. Been heading for dance and sports, aching all over. Hyping over some kiddish drama that my mum claims it's not going to happen real life, which was quite true. But a little fantasy wouldn't kill hurh.

Spent the weekends, catching up.
Sentosa trip with Mag, Ana, golden boy and Enni. Was really addicted in wrestling people into the waters. Super epic scene when some group swing some girl in the sea and she landed on the sand instead of the waters. Laughed like mad. Old chang kee for dinner and awesome desserts at Vivo. :) TEEHEE. Thanks to Golden boy. :)

Went over to strictly pancakes and wild honey. I expected better though, Wild honey was relatively good, but it was a little pricey on the side. The four dollar cookie was really not that worthed. Had fun with M, really missed her in china. :(
I suppose i would not want to go back to strictly pancakes. REALLY NOT WORTH THE MONEY. 17 bucks. BREAKFAST AT FOOD FOR THOUGHT IS SO MUCH WORTHED IT! :(

AWW. I am missing food for thought terribly. :(
Sighs, blogging in class. Not a good sign. wonder if it is on purpose for me. ;)
love suie. :)

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