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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Speechless on the first night @ 9:10 AM

You make me worry.
You make me hesitate.
You change me. You were new.
Perhaps it is the different worlds we come from.
Perhaps the differ in social class.
Perhaps we lived differently.
Until now.

I have no idea how we met.
I have no idea how we got close.
How we drifted. How we came back together.

You got me confused.
You made me doubtful.
You had me everywhere but here. You led me nowhere but your heart.

Countless time we walked side by side.
Third time in the dark, side by side.
In the dark i couldn't see, just your face, your whisper & the smiles you give.

I couldn't remember the number of times it was, the umpteenth time you made me speechless;
You made me nervous. You made me anxious.
The umpteenth you laughed to yourself, you talked about things, and rattled on.

Sometimes i wonder how wrong it would be, the name of ridicule. The number of people that disagrees.
Sometimes i wonder if it was me, that strong-headed girl, who insist.
And yet it wasn't something i could agree, i could convince, and it wasn't even logical to began with.
It was in the name of love, lived by fantasy and sugar and spice to go with it.

Am i not making any sense or what? :)

Love suie.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.