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Sunday, May 08, 2011
I'm feeling sophisticated. @ 9:09 AM

Please judge.
:) You never know the truth.
Went out with golden boy today. I'm feeling a little nervous like, perhaps because its been a while since we saw each other.
I feel under dressed under my white blouse and blue shorts. Dressed in grey(s), pleat and shoes, he walked over while on the phone with me. He did he's hair. Walked over to Grab my milk tea before walking around aimlessly and catching up. Sales everywhere making me want to spend that cash. Caught some funny moments here and there, some debates & ended with a prata meal before splitting. He's nice enough to send me. I mean, i could think in a way that it might be faster for him to take bus home via that station, but perhaps perhaps.

"At that very moment he turned and gave me that smile, a smile that will leave etched to my mind, one that would certainly make me miss him until he is back again. He made sure of that."

Whilst that is that.

I need to lose weight. LIKE MAJOR.

leaving, school's tmr. Wat to do. -.-

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.