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Sunday, May 15, 2011
There's something that ran across and never came back. @ 9:11 AM

Some times mind goes to a sudden blank state.
Some times in a good way.

Saturday falls on the 14th may. Some how the day passed as how it is.
Days, dates can perhaps mean nothing to people, or something. Interesting?
You might never know, perhaps today's the day where the lady just signed divorce papers with her husband. And you were just mean to her moments. But you never knew, and he thought she was being mean for being upset so easily for banging and stepping her.

Just a thought.
Thinking of venturing into different dance styles. School's tomorrow. I suppose using the new studio. :) a little excited. :)
I'm a little over stressed by things here and there, after today's suntanning trip, i decided to be more confident of myself. And after today's rehearsal and costume fitting i really think i should lose weight. -.-
And i decided that relationships such as love between me and a guy, i should take it casual. Not in a sense like how you think it would be. But more like, if we are interested in each other, then just let it be. And not that we have to be hooked/deadly committed to one another. So there won't be heart breaks or whatsoever. And until when time is ready, and when i meet the guy that i would take risk for, then it might be the time that i am prepared for. :)

I really hope that God my Lord will see me through this. :)
:) and now what's important is to do what's right in my life. For studies, school, life and DANCE. :) and of course, some other things like, SPORTS FRIENDS HOBBIES INTERESTS FOOD TANNING.. WHATEVER IT IS. CRAFTS PHOTOGRAPHYYYYYY. :)

Ate too much chocolates for my own good when im having sorethroat. What was i thinking.
:) woots. People please be supportive of my determination to lose weight. Like if i eat something you can always do your part and do something. :)

p/s: you never knew.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.