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Sunday, May 29, 2011
Striving under the moon light. @ 9:41 AM

I will leave parade matters for the day to come, meanwhile i will just speed post about what i have.
Toodie! :)

Gonna give Prive and Hatched a try. Super tempting menus and im salivating at midnight. How could you! Prices are as steep as it is, trying to settle for some so that i don't order food i'd regret. :) weeee. :) Imma need to earn money and save money so that i can indulge in this like monthly... or perhaps every two weeks. Omg. Piggy! :p

School's tomorrow. Gonna be a long day. Gonna pack lunch i guess. :) see ya! :)


I wonder if you knew i'm still here for you. I wonder if you ever realize i have never stop hoping that we'd be as close again.
If you were here. I will never forget.

To you. I suppose you had never loved me deep enough before. How much i gave was more than anything i had. You misused it like another picture in your gallery. I might never find comfort in realizing the folly of my behavior, but instead in the lifetime think twice in listening comments.

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When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.