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Monday, June 20, 2011
Chocolate lips. @ 11:10 AM

i really can't concentrate when a love song is playing on my mind. Not of any but just so.

Today, technically yesterday was my birthday. am thankful for those that came down, and those that drop me wishes anywhere.
At times i really think i can be the meanest person living.
Performance is coming. And my wish for break through this time round is for full sportmanship + good display of choreography. WORK HARD.
Gotta be thankful fr my school work, like for the team mates i have especially the pretty-clever mate of mine. *smiles~*

Alright, apart from the usual boring sh!t headed for Prives? Which bestie says is not pronounced te way it is. So yeap. Just knew that she love brunches too, so yeah should head down with her more often. Yeah.
In my life i have held on to so much stuffs. I tried to balance it all. Yeah. But now, i realized i can't really do all that. I mean yes but not all.
And some times i just don't feel like saying so much because simply people do not care at all whether you speak it or not.


Im lost. I literally have no mood for anything. Just want to effing be alone.
Just at these times, contradicting i want someone to hold. Just for one time i want to literally breakdown and cry with someone out there to hold.

They say, people who stayed strong despite having choices to breakdown were really admirable people. (simply a nicer to put it) Stubborn asses that don't want to admit they are weak.
Effing right.

p/s: I thought today was a good time. Im wrong. Im effing unstable.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.