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Sunday, July 03, 2011
:) @ 7:13 AM

I can't seem to concentrate sometimes. Gawd.
There's a few things that happened. Compliments on my mum's pants.

Made a few friends. Went to chruch. Got new shoes. ;)

There were more but i can't really remember.

Sighs. Just when i thought she realized and changed. But no.

Anyway, caught Transformer with F, kungfu and D. It was a little douche. I mean i expected more. Though nonetheless its a good watch; Like one time. X-men was certainly better, which i can't comprehend why would anyone be able to sleep through it because for one thing, i didnt - despite having being in a comfortable environment.

School studies. Same. except it's year three already. Have i not mentioned this? Trying to get myself involved in more dance mobs/performances/shows/musicals. Yet it should be like the final dash of the year. No yes?

Thinking about it, i really have got to get myself develop those films already. Five rolls. sheesh. Expensive!!

Its good that at least i know i have a job. LOL. It will be better if i can earn money a*whilst*d dance. :) woots. :)

Flash mob on the 16th july down at down town east. Catch us there! :)

Hanging on. I've gotta smile even when the rain pours and there's no umbrella. Just 'cause God's my shelter! :)

Loves! :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.