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Friday, July 08, 2011
@ 8:53 AM

Sure, so everytime when i try to multi-task and blog. I usually then don't feel like blogging. I very much want to post certain things. Then again i would stop myself.

Coming up, school's been the usual, except we have been swarmed with a few deadlines here and there. Coming up will be ITO. Shucks. :)
Gotta really buck up and made a few plans for myself. Though i am really doubtful in how well i follow a plan/ lists of To-Dos but i will do my best. When you believe and have faith and trust in things you want to achieve, you can. :)
WEEE. Motivating only!

Gotta return my library book like asap. Almost hearing crystal nagging at me, upon my countless forgetfulness in returning of books and loans. Ah.
Talking about her, she's away to Hong Kong. :) weee. I hope she gets awesome tidbits and enjoys herself! ;)

Being myself i suppose. Random and probably no one understands the _____, i guess its just me again. :)

For these days, as much as i can reflect. I am grateful for the people who(m) tolerated my nonsense and Temper (allong with fustration, impatience, etc.). Thankful for people and friends and mates and random things that have been nice to me :) and i very much want to say that even certain sh!t has ________, I would put my hands in the air, sit on the swing and smile it through. I feel that god put a trial infront of me, made me went through it and tested. I hope i pass the test. :) I hope i have learnt something which i feel probably yes. ;)
I am really happy that at least i have lord. No, that's incorrect - should be I am really happy because - that i have Lord. :)

:) I smile for plentiful reasons. And i smile because of you and me. :)
Thank you for that two person in my life. That two random people that brought me smiles. It was totally a moment where i was a little scared, ___ yet i was laughing, screaming, all the way. :)

Thank you. :)

In times like these, in days to come, I realize true happiness some times do not have to be what it is. For Now, i am aiming towards contentment as the answer of the sentence.

What's your's? :)

Love kiki, suie.

p/s: Wonderful moments and happiness are pictures in a time capsule. For when you are at your downest point, it is the time to open that capsule relive the moments, (so that) You stand up again, fight against _____ , smile through it. (and) When you're done and over with, laugh about it, put it in a new time capsule - a different time capsule, the records of what made you stronger! :) That a way, you will live a whole new way. :) I'm actually being nonsensical. Not bother me. :)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.