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Thursday, July 14, 2011
Raisins! @ 11:06 PM

How random.
Anyways, wanted to blogg recently but haven got the time to really roll in my bed, until today because i skipped school. I'm feeling bad about it. And like i know i have tons of things to settle but in the meanwhile lying n the bed having chocolates is something i'm doing and liking now.
Silently sometimes i think a lot to myself. At times i could not fall asleep. At times when moments gets lonely. Or when i am praying.
I guess writing sometimes makes my words a stand. Since it has equated to being known to people. Perhaps i am really giving up.
Letting things go seems tough but when you get the gist, it all seems clear.
People come in your life, open you heart and accept them. At the same time, when it is time for them to go, open your heart and let them.

it isnt about not cherishing them, or not wanting them to stay by your side.
It is just that, for now they have done and fulfilled the purpose they have had to be in your life.
And if they are meant to be yours, they will not be gone, for they are still walking down the road of life just somehow not with nor front or back, just at the side-road. :)

Meaningless or whatever it is. Sometimes i talk too much. Way too much. I'm not sure if it is a disease or whether an influence of my hype.
And most of the time i regret most of the words that came out of my mouth.
Because, to me i feel, you will never be able to comprehend what impact will you do to the person of what you have spoken to him/her/them.

There are certain aspects i need to focus right now, and also to cultivate myself in the meanwhile
Lose weight.
School work.
Save money.

Yeah. :) Like hocus pocus lose weightttt! :)

Alrights. I am not going to let any opportunity slip by if i can. Because it has come to a time i realize that opportunities are not given equal to most, and to wait it seems a torture, so why not grab it when it is here. But also do what you can and within your ability.

-- There is so much going through now. Oh.
Loves suie;

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.