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Thursday, August 25, 2011
I can't remember if it was right. @ 10:39 AM

Went out with Carmen for the past two days. Wasn't so bad. Been having some wants and needs recently trying so hard to earn some bucks to up keep with it. Talking about this, I have been wringing my brains about my future. Well, not really in the far view but like what to do after i graduated. :)
I sound like an old woman.
Dancing Dancing. Hmm.. I'm thinking if being a part-time freelance dancer is good. Well not exactly freelance, but attaching myself on the job scope. You get to do what you like and earn money. Not bad. The thing is i will be making myself busy and like trying to juggle my priorities and testing my time management again.

Which up to now, isn't that good. I feel super bad about it. And i am a bad friend. ;(
Gah. I really need to organize. Get efficient. And i need to get ___, ______, ____.
And i somehow feel being a bimbo isn't that bad after all.

Enough nonsense. I will try to update the space with better stuffs. I guess.

ALDO shoes and NIKE Running shoes on the lists.


Goodnights everyone. ;)
P/s: Finding myself Heartless as i age.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.