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Monday, September 12, 2011
Persona @ 9:20 AM

Today went over at republic poly to have practice. Wasn't much, but i'm beat. Like seriously. Went over to winnie's birthday party, was glad to see her. She lost an amount of weight. The rest was good. :) Ate like a pig.
One thing i realize is that when you are fat, people don't comment you are fat. But to know when you are skinny is when people tease you by saying you are fat.
Nonsense aside. Planning dates with nanny, the rest not so much. I am getting pissed by a particular person.

I guess people do change or at a certain point of time, had their inner-self revealed.
Not so good. I realized actually nobody really wants to know about how you are doing. It is just a conversation starter, maintainer. Like hey how's it going? *blah* Oh really?? Woah.. *yayayaya* Okay, i see.
I am just being skeptical. I know probably sounded really offensive here. But yeah, i am just pissed because i know that actually no one is interested in what i am about to say some times. Most of the time, i just do like what i do ramble off. Hoping it get stuck some where. But no.
Some times i have to hand it God. Cause he is the only one (haha, actually maybe some times God my be like not again?! ) that will be there for ever, listening to me and replies me seriously! :) hahaha.
Okay i sounded really prissy. STRIKE.

I want to be a billionaire! :) Not really, but i do want to be cover girl. :)

hahahaha. :)
oops. I want to be some one who has the ability to have people to pamper her. That sounded prissy too. LOL!
okay lurh. Enough nonsense. Falling sick. GG.


Loves suie!! :)

When whispers no longer survive;

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