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Wednesday, September 07, 2011
Its the little things that make us go wild :) @ 8:48 AM

When i hover too long over the blank page, i get stuck not knowing how to write.
Felt to-day was infinite but fun filled day.
Started off with a sleepover with miss tiger and headed over to Lei yi's house for some dancing session; ending the day with hotpot and bonding session with _____  clique. *we haven really decide the name* Anyways, i kinda enjoyed myself. Despite having some aching & pains here and there.
Muahahaa. Been spending. And realizing. So have to like save up already.
A lot of wantsss! Teehee!
I need to start training alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
I need to start Saving alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
I need to start jialabokchak!
LOL. I don't even now what am i typing! ahha. MICHELLE FASTER COME HOME!

The end.

I use-d to have friends that stood in different areas und aspect(s) of my life. But now i left not-a-many. What happen-ed. really. What's the glitch.

- suie :)(:

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.