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Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Falling in love with the wrong type of guy. @ 10:35 AM

I must stop falling in love with Gay-Boy(s). What if i become Gay. That is so not right.
By saying this doesn't mean i am against Homo(s) or whatsoever. I am just saying that, i don't wanna be gay, just like if you were  are gay, you don't wanna be straight. Tada.

Recently i am really rotting at home or anywhere. Just too listless for anything. Even bickering with my sister requires so much effort from me, that i would just stop replying her. You think that's normal? Nope. Definitely not from this woman. LOL
WOMAN. Sheesh.
Mum just spent a bomb on health products. Whilst i spent a bomb on make up.
Some times i wonder where's the 'oh i won't put make up in the future' mindset i used to have. Some times i shouldn't be so quick on the tongue about future.

Yes. Some things that i have got to agree, is that Changes made/done/simply with/through God is more permanent than made/done/simply with./through self. Vice versa. (?)
(They are all good, but he's on the right.)


Loves suie! ;)

Deciding whether to take up more part time courses. :(

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.