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Saturday, September 17, 2011
Just love in my presence. Motive. @ 7:56 AM

I am really bloated right now! Should have ran a few more rounds!
Moving on. There were days i wanted to blog how photography means to me.
Today whilst walking home, an ironic thought struck me.
Patties. Yeah. It irks me. Because i realize how much i don't like it but i still eat it. Which is completely out of me. The kind of smell (Eww) and the little bits of white translucent stuff you find when you chew on it, it could be the bones (now that i think of it). Gross. I am so gonna puke now.
Just like how i manage to swallow steam mince pork.
I am disgusted by myself. Similarly, sausages/ hot dogs/corn dogs/whatever you call it, Has presented the same  to me. Super disgusting condom rolls in which when you pierce your teeth into its synthetic cover burst out that empty feeling of raw-ness and juice.

Uh. Gotta stop. I must not give in to people and swallow the kind of things that i actually abhor or irks me.

Haha. i have got to pray pray and pray more often. Shhs. I should actually get my books and bible. hahahha.
:) practice tmr. Hope it goes well. two three hours of practice. :) goody. :) Monday, swimming. :) dancing. Cheers! :)

Suie. :) with lots of love.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.