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Tuesday, October 04, 2011
erneuern @ 12:18 AM

:) - I'm back. :)
It might be misleading for some though. :)

Alright so i shall start with my camp stuff? :) Being in camp is one of the few situations/circumstances that provides you the stage to judge whether are you good in communicating/leading/bonding/sensitive or insensitive to people and situations/teamwork and whatever the motive you have in being in the camp.
Obviously, i hid it well among the new people i met in my recent years. I still suck being the 'friendly extrovert', I still give people misinterpretation about myself/my actions/behavior. I'm not complaining, its good in a way. :)

Hmm. *processing my thoughts*
During the camp, and after, i learnt many things. Once i thought i was way mature than the age i'm at, which i'm proved wrong.
In life we are given many tools, many platforms, criteria's, and constraint to work with. And some times the best way out is to not complicate matters. But usually we try to outperform, and we create problems for ourselves. I don't mean it is a bad thing. *It really depends how you see and manipulate it*
Just like when someone request you to give him/her a box. Give the marker a box and you will get full marks, like a check box marking.
Yet you will go: "width? length? dimension? design? color? pattern? material? depth? shape? what kind of cover?"
Honestly, when my senior prompted this, i wanted to ask some of the questions. Haha. That was when he re-emphasized, that all he wanted was a box. He would have checked the check box and give us full marks. It doesn't matter how pretty it is, all he wanted was a box. Get the point? :)
Many times you can derive loads of learning lessons from others. Like how when my mama was young, she had to share a set of colouring pencils with her sisters, and just nice at that particular week they had art class on the same day and period. So she chose orange, yellow and red. They all had to draw and color trees. So the teacher asked why were the leaves on your tree orange. She replied, cause it was autumn.
How smart was that man. LOL if it were me, i would be like, oh cause it's my tree and i like it orange. LOL.

Okay. Or maybe i am dumber than my mum. Eh, with age comes wisdom okay! :)
*Post getting longer, process!*
I shall cut it already. *for camp stuff* Camp was really a great break for me, i guess i needed some place for me to chuck my attitude away. So don't ignite it again.
Booking out, went home for quick change and lunch before a long ride to search for dresses. Fittings not bad, though it has becoming obvious to me that i need to lose about three inches minimum (overall) *to be awesomely awesome*, and my hip(glutes) is childbearing material. LOL.
We didn't waste the day even though i was in a real terrifying mood, we manage to get the outfits, ate good food, and had good laughs. :)
Lessons at smu (Reminds me how exam is nearer), i have to start on revising and planning for my Final year Project soon.
I don't mind being a personal trainer! *random thoughts*

Going for a periodic shopping session with pooh(s) :) *Tiger and piglet*
ahahahhaha. :)

Love; suie. ;)

p/s: I really hope life's just like directing a movie, where you can shout 'cut!' and change the plot you desire.

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